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To Make Your Mark Enrol in Our English Communication Program Today!

No matter whichever country you are located in, English is the most preferred form of

communication. All over the world, English is the chosen language of interacting with one another.

At Being Versatile, we offer English Communication Program to enhance both your spoken and

written calibre. There are many individuals out there who are good at coding or creating interesting

web designs. But, when it come to client call or attending an interview where they need to speak on

their skill, they shy away. Have you ever wondered why? This is simply because they are not

confident about their English communication skills. It is because of this simple problem, many hard

working individuals fail to crack the dream interview.

We at Being Versatile aim to make your English strong and sturdy so that no matter what the

situation, you never shy away from speaking correct English. Do you have any idea, what type of jobs

you can get if you know how to speak and write English properly? Forget about coding and web

designing, if you can communicate in English properly, you can earn thousands of rupees as an

English translator. There is no need to work for a company. You can work as an English translator

from the comforts of your home and earn hundreds and thousands of rupees. Isn’t it interesting? All

this can become a reality, thanks to our English Communication Program.

Our Comprehensive English Communication Program:

As part of our English Communication Program, we offer courses on both:

 General English

 Business English

There is a huge difference between general and business English. By General English, we mean the

regular English that we speak i.e. spoken English. Whereas Business English has certain jargon and

particular words that are used in the corporate world. Depending on your requirement you can

choose the type of English that you would like to master. One can opt for both the courses as well.

All our experts are well versed in English and have several years of experience in this field. They will

conduct the classes. The program will comprise of spoken English classes, written tests, group

discussion and via voice. In short, the program will offer an in-depth knowledge and clear

understanding of the language.

A Bright Future Awaits You

When you speak proper English, you will be amazed to find many job avenues opening up in front of

you. To make the most of it and to edge past your competition, contact us now. Let us help you

master the language. We would love to be a part of your journey towards success.

Get Enrolled Today!

What are you waiting for? Get enrolled today if you wish to make turn your disadvantage into a

winning advantage. Don’t worry, our experts will offer expert advice. In fact, we offer one to one

training classes too so that you never feel out of place. We offer special care and attention to detail

while conducting our English Communication classes.

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